Introduction to Padang & Co

“Padang” in Malay means “open field”. It is also the name of an important historical landmark in the heart of the civic quarter of Singapore.

Padang & Co provides our private, public, and people sector partners the space to adopt a range of open innovation practices to solve problems and develop new opportunities.

We bring together talented members of our diverse community, including the UP Singapore civic innovation community, to consider challenges and collaborate on ideas.

Through our Startup Matching, Hackathons, and cloud-enabled Challenges, we provide a stimulating environment and the conditions to develop meaningful, impactful outcomes for business and society in general. That’s what we do. We create the conditions for creativity and innovation to emerge and grow.

Padang & Co is a subsidiary of Newton Circus, a technology company that invents communities and services designed to make cities more liveable, competitive, and sustainable.


Meet the team


Adam Lyle, Executive Chairman

Drawing on his 20 years of corporate expertise Adam moved into consulting and training, firstly in Australia and over the last 12 years in Asia, living in Taiwan and now Singapore.  He has worked on change management programmes for a range of MNCs, such as Unilever, Holcim, HSBC and Conoco Philips.  In recent years he has been applying traditional change management and employee engagement principles to assist companies embed sustainable business practices.

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Derrick Chiang, CEO

Derrick has over a decade of experience in marketing and communications and has helped blue-chip companies across Asia-Pacific transform how they interact with their customers and reach new markets through digital and innovation. Prior to Padang & Co, he spent seven years with Profero in Shanghai and played a key role in building a successful full-service digital agency business.

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Fariha Imran, Programme Manager

Fariha joined Padang & Co as an intern in early 2014 and has stayed on ever since, taking on the team’s research and writing activities. Originally from Bangladesh, she has lived in 5 different countries growing up, making her immune to culture shock. She has a background in economics and political science, and is passionate about issues that involve access to education and gender. She enjoys reading, writing, dancing, and exploring new places to eat.

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Malay Gala, Community Manager

Born and raised in Mumbai, Malay is a corporate communication graduate and loves everything to do with languages. When he’s not crafting messages or creating outreach lists, he can be found with his nose in a PG Wodehouse novel or making the world’s best lemongrass chai. Also, in case you were wondering, yes, that is his real name.

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Paul Harris, Production Executive

Paul’s primary function is as resident geek at Padang. He helps with videography and photography at events, and has trouble parting with hard drives once they’ve been filled. When he’s not hunched over a screen you can find him frolicking across meadows or telling people how great Motown was.

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Christina Oh, Head of Creative Services

“Make the magic happen”, is what Christina is told on a bi-monthly basis. Left with no choice, she usually uses the pen tool in Illustrator as her only aid. She tries her best to make short films while travelling to no avail. Besides her knowledge in social media, web design as well as precisely enlarging logos (a skill she has yet to hone), her interest in Instagram (or should I say photography) is her only form of cardio during the weekends.

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Ganesan Soma, Events Manager

A chemistry graduate with experience organising financial conferences and theatre productions, Ganesan relishes the challenge of venturing into the unknown. Never one to back away from taking risks, Ganesan is always on the lookout for new adventures that will push him beyond his limit. When not planning for the next mountain climbing trip, he can be found with a book in his hands or proclaiming his allegiance to the one-and-only Manchester United.

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Tan Zi Peng, Programme Manager

As a former engineer, Zi Peng (aka Zip) lead foreign workers in tinkering and solving problems across factories and hospitals, often crawling into their darkest corners. He spent five months in Vietnam, a world where no one understood him, to talk about the possibilities of technology while setting up a venture builder. When he’s not poring over project timelines and budgets, he can be found slashing through tropical jungles or pretending to be a Bishop in Citadel.

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Lee Lim Qing Ping, Programme Manager

Hailing from the world of architecture, Qing Ping has a strong affinity for design, startups, and social engagement. He believes in the potential for collaboration in creating better solutions to the complex problems of the 21st century. As a Project Manager at Padang & Co, Qing Ping uses his curiosity, attention to detail, and dashing good looks to make sure we execute our projects perfectly. When he’s not charming clients or drawing up timelines, you can find him re-arranging his desk in right angles or cycling up hills, just for the view.

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Divakar Subramaniam, Senior Programme Manager, Data Innovation

Divakar aka Diva, believes that like streams leading into the ocean, data leads us to make better decisions. Originally an Aircraft Engineering and Biological Sciences graduate, Diva gained practical experience in Business Development and Data Innovation, working with startups all over ASEAN. At Padang & Co, Diva is on a mission to boost innovation surrounding Data and AI. Whilst living a hybrid life between Singapore and Malaysia, he enjoys spending quality time with family, watching movies (literally all the movies!), and vanquishing mages in DOTA2. Beware, you might not recognise him without his beard.

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