Innovation training

Many participants of our Open Innovation initiatives wish to bring the entrepreneurial spirit back to their respective organisations.

The objective of Padang & Co training programmes is to enable SMEs and large corporates to innovate like start-ups. Innovation as a process can be taught. However, the conditions for sustainable innovation are founded on a good mix of behaviours and mindsets of all those within those organisation.

To that end, we offer solutions focusing on:
• Evaluating an organisation’s Business Model and potential for innovation;
• Drawing from the best of techniques, such as Lean Start-up, to enable rapid prototyping; and
• Using enhanced creativity tools and techniques that go beyond traditional brainstorming to generate new ideas.

Amongst the programmes we run:
• A six-month programme for Keppel Corporation, taking the Keppel Young Leaders through a business innovation process from framing the challenge to validating the problem to presenting their business plans to a panel of CEOs.
• A two-day Internet of Things (IoT) workshop for business units from a Singapore Ministry to co-create use cases with teams from selected IoT companies
• Mini idea ‘hacks’ as an introduction to Open Innovation at Civil Service College.